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Jumo: social media for do-gooders

December 1, 2010 | YoLadies |

Surprise - there is another social media site on the block! This one is called Jumo, and it was founded by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes. It's very similar to Facebook in its layout and functionality, and you even sign up using Facebook connect. The difference between Facebook and Jumo is that Jumo is focused on connecting people with aid organizations in areas like women's rights, at risk youth, wildlife preservation, and arts.

The new platform aims to help those of us who care about social and environmental concerns find organizations that provide assistance, and to help those organizations find help either financially or through volunteerism and promotion. The organization pages are set up similar to fan pages on Facebook, and are great repositories of information and links that tend to get lost on other social media platforms. It has a clean and user-friendly design, a studious vibe, and a great mission. We love this idea and can't wait to see what kind of response it gets.

If you have a passion for social change, check out Jumo and see what you think. It's hard to stop digging through the topics and checking it out - we predict a win on this one.