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Path - the exclusive club version of Facebook

November 15, 2010 | YoLadies |

Sound swank? Could be, I guess. The premise of new social network, Path, isn't that kind of exclusivity though.

Path, available for iPhone and iPod Touch, limits you to a maximum of fifty connections. The theory is that if you are limited to a small number of connections, you will naturally choose only your closest friends and family members, and will therefore be able to say whatever you want without fear. It is founded by former employees of Facebook, Macster and Napster, and intends to be the network where you really keep in touch with those you care about most. You can share photos, tag your friends, and share with those who you know won't mass-mail that shot of you from your junior year in high school - you know, the one where you have one eye closed and your tongue hanging out. Not that anyone affiliated with YoLadies could relate to that.

It will be interesting to see how Path takes off - the concept is great. Have any of you jumped on this new network yet?