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Cell Phones - where to go?

July 28, 2010 | Kim Milata-Daniels | Comments (2)

LG-Lotus-Elite.jpgIn my last upgrade through Sprint, I chose a Blackberry Pearl. It was great at first - I always knew when I had email thanks to the never-ending blinkie, had gps etc. But, the bugger blew out and not in a good way. The ugly flip phone I had before at least didn't freaking lose all my numbers and info.

As an anti-ATT person, I refuse to get an iPhone until I can do it through another carrier. I thought about getting one and hacking it for Sprint, but realized that not only am I not that technologically talented, but it's just wrong. Not wrong in the traditional sense, but wrong in the corporate I got you sense. Screw Apple and ATT.

SO, I got an LG Lotus Elite, instead. While I thought there was no blinkie, there is a subtle one, letting me know that someone is contacting me via email. Part of me wants to be excited, but when I realize it's just the NYTimes thingie I signed up for ten years ago, it's not so exciting.

I love the interface and sexy look, but love/hate the instant email button - and especially the social button. Jeez...will I ever get unplugged?

Overall though, for a chica who digs technology but hates the blinkie, it's cool. The Lotus Elite is pretty, the blinkie isn't overwhelming, and I can still be online without sneaking off "for a smokie" just to check my FB. It hasn't crashed, so far, and it supposedly will talk to me through the GPS feature. Since I'll be driving home to Dallas tomorrow, I will give that feature a try.

Anyone else out there have the Lotus Elite? What do you think about it?


I enjoyed this post as I also consider myself to be at least a moderate techie that refuses to go the iPhone route because I too don't like AT&T. I had one of the old palm 7's, a blackberry and a few others but now have jumped on the Boost Mobile wagon where I prepay for all of the data,text, and phone that I can use on my Motorola Clutch at a low $50 per month.
The service is pretty good as I had 2 iPhone users ask to borrow my dinosaur last week when they didn't have signals. The internet connection sucks, the camera is funky but texting works pretty well with the small qwerty keyboard. All in all pretty happy. I'm on my computer most of the time and have decided to worry if I can't get all of the techie stuff when I'm away. Maybe later.

haha Larry, I was so ready to find an ancient pay-as-you-go phone too...didn't mind doing it back in the day. I think it's worth it, sometimes, to just remain stagnant with whatever phone technology you have for a while. Thanks for visiting!