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Hiatus calls...

April 19, 2011 | Kim Milata-Daniels |

In just over a year after our launch, we've been fortunate to have some great writers involved, and a magnificent group of women as collaborators and supporters. This has been a true growth experience, and one that won't be given up. However, this is primarily a one-woman show, and I need a break.

YoLadies is my baby but she's outgrowing her onesie, and so in the next month I'll be looking at new layout formats, partnerships, and focus areas. Please take this very brief, 6 question survey to help me figure out how to make this site a great one.

Meantime, check out all the fab women that we've featured, and I'll still be Twittering up a storm so if you're not following, do!

See y'all on May 22nd!