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High Tea for Breast Cancer Awareness

October 6, 2010 | Kim Milata-Daniels |

Sharon Chan-Knight and Tammy Preast from Pret a pour tea

Sharon Chan-Knight and Tammy Preast from Prêt-à-Pour-Tea

Sharon Chan-Knight and Tammy Preast wanted to do something special to raise awareness for Breast Cancer research. They both had been touched by the disease - Tammy's grandmother was victim to it - and there was the inspiration for their Prêt-à-Pour-Tea event in Vancouver, now in its fifth year.

Prêt-à-Pour-Tea is a high tea and fashion event, aimed at attracting multiple generations of women to the cause. Sharon and Tammy gathered fashion designers from Vancouver, many who typically only sell outside of Canada, and created a fun and important event to raise awareness and funding for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

This year, they are debuting a night time event called Prêt-à-Pour-Nuit, where men can join in on the action. Breast Cancer has touched so many men who wanted to do their part, and Prêt-à-Pour-Nuit will have male speakers to help bring the sexes together not only in raising awareness, but in dealing with the emotional effects that cancer throws at anyone involved.

There will also be an art auction, and a special project with artist Pamela Masik called the The Masik Mosaik Photo Project. Tammy said of the project, "Thousands of photos were sent in along with a $20 donation to help create the digital canvas that Pamela Masik is now painting on. Pamela is incorporating the word "unite" and all these loving faces into her final work of art to be unveiled and sold at Prêt-à-Pour-Nuit, raising funds for the BC Region of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation."

This is a great, fun, different way to bring awareness to Breast Cancer and to raise funds for research. Sharon and Tammy would love to see it used as a template for fundraisers elsewhere - how great would that be, especially for those of us who would rather have high tea than walk?

For those of you in Vancouver, this event takes place on the 27th of October at the Masik Studio. Go! The rest of us will be hoping that a great event like this pops up in our neck of the woods.